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Dust Free Popcorn Ceiling Removal

We have a revolutionary method for Popcorn ceiling removal that is not only dust free but only takes a day in most cases. It consists of very thin plywood and a vinyl wallpaper that is 3d textured to look just like your existing texture in your home. Think of it like putting lanulium flooring on your ceiling but the vinyl flooring looks and feels just like regular wall texture. We arrive and first attach underlayment over your popcorn ceiling leaving a nice smooth surface to apply the vinyl wallpaper to. If  there are any rough spots that may show through the wall paper, then we will first apply a liner of heavy wall paper to smooth the ceiling out. Then we apply vinyl wallpaper to your new ceiling. We offer a good variety of textures to match from. This means your sure to get the closest match to your walls leaving a consisent texture throughout your home. The vinyl wallpaper we offer is paintable and leaves a more durable easier to clean surface that looks just like the plaster texture on your walls. We also can add new thin LED lights to your ceiling while we are at it. Our Electrician is State licensed and has over 15 years in the electrical industry. Don't worry about abspestos testing or abaiting and just cover it up. We also offer many other wallpaper designs. We have vinyl that simulates a bead board, plank ceiling, bricks or even a cloudy blue sky. No were else will you find popcorn ceilings done this way in a day for as low as $3 a square foot.

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