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Denver Drop Ceilings

Drop ceiling Troffer Lights

Need lighting for your new drop ceiling?We offer professional installation of all types of lights by a licensed electrician. We eliminate the need and added cost of hiring an electrical contractor. Our added ceiling lighting service makes your job easier eliminating scheduling issues and providing a seamless ceiling installation.

Retail LED Upgrade

​Retail lighting is a very important tool in the retail market. Good lighting can make your products look as appealing as possible. Upgrading to the latest Led lighting is an investment that can be done without a full remodel. We specialize in replacing and re-lamping your lighting to LED after hours. We can upgrade your ceiling tile at the  same time. New LED will save you operating cost while improving the appearance of your products.

COlorado's Acoustical Ceiling Contractor

​​LED Tape Grid lighting

We offer the most modern lighting for suspended ceilings. LED tape turns your grid into the lighting leaving a clean looking ceiling. Fire rated ceilings have limited lighting options while maintaining the fire rating. Our led tape leaves your tiles uncut and easier to install.

Fire Alarm and Security

We uninstall and reinstall any fire alarm and security devices during a tile replacement. Increasing your profit by eliminating another subcontractor during a repairs or remodel. We are licensed and have the knowledge to handle most systems. We carry additional insurance for all of our services.

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LED Lighting Retrofit and Replacement